I'm not surprised to find you here. Losers like you show up on my site all the time, whining and begging me to pay attention to them. But really, why would I want to do that? I mean, come on... have you looked in the mirror lately? Why would any gorgeous woman lower herself by spending time with a pin-dicked jerk-off like you?

Let me attempt to explain to you why the humiliation of losers is a noble calling. Not many women are blessed with the ruthlessness, lack of sympathy and pure cruelty to allow the unrestrained humiliation of a man, but those that possess these highly desirable traits are truly blessed.

The sad truth is that the vast majority of men are losers. Numerous studies have shown that the average penis is about 5 inches long when erect, and let's face it, the penis is the most manly part of a man. It's one of the cruel ironies of our species that a woman cannot be sexually satisfied by a penis that measures less than 8 inches long, so the inescapable conclusion is that the vast majority of men are unable to satify a woman.

This presents a serious challenge to the under-endowed man. He is bombarded with messages in our media about how a man should act, and yet he knows deep down that he lacks the basic pre-requisites of being a man. That conflict is the fundamental cause of behaviors such as panty sniffing, foot worship, and ass licking. The under-endowed man cannot escape the destiny set for him when mother nature robbed him of a properly-sized penis, and so he lives his life torn between the man society (not to mention other women) want him to be, and the inadequate loser he really is.

This is where the Humiliator can play a useful and constructive role in the life of a sissy splooger. The woman who understands the conflict that most men struggle with can use it to improve her life while simultaneously improving the life of the poor bitch-boy she humiliates. By mocking, taunting, teasing and tormenting inadequate males, she allows the loser to gain some small amount of pleasure from an internal emotional conflict that usually provides only shame and self-pity. This certainly doesn't "cure" the male of his inadequacies (nothing could do that), but it does allow the male to have some purpose in his otherwise miserable, lonely existence.

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